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Relationships in Christ, Malawi then and Now

An excellent video presenting some of the history in the forming of the Anglican Church in Northern Malawi.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (DFW) and the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi (DNM) have been committed to partnership since 1995, when the DNM was established with the Rt. Rev. Jackson C. Biggers as its first bishop.

Today the DNM is blessed with the spiritual leadership of Rt. Rev. Fanuel Magangani, the DNM first Malawian born bishop.  Visit the DNM website at www.nmalawianglican.org.

The DFW partnership is spearheaded by the Malawi Subcommittee, a committee of the DFW World Mission Committee.  The Malawi Subcommittee is comprised of clergy and lay leaders.  The committee’s operates under the direction of the World Mission Committee and Bishop Iker with the goal of providing opportunities for partnership and relationship.

Bishop Fanuel Magangani

Diocese of Northern Malawi

 A Message from Bishop Magangani on the importance of the Diocesan Relationship and the Centurion Partnership Program.


Opportunities for Partnership and Relationship

Centurion Partnership

The Centurion Partnership was born out of a response to the 2000 famine that plagued much of Northern Malawi.  The Rt. Rev. Bishop Boyle, the second Bishop of the DNM, wrote the chair of the World Mission Committee and said he had been to a village in the northern most deanery and found that the people had not eaten for 28 days.  He felt he had to feed the people, but it meant he could not pay the clergy their monthly stipends.  We urged Bishop Boyle to purchase food and we committed to find a way to assist with the stipends…. The Centurion Partnership was born.

Today, the Centurion Partnership is the cornerstone program of the Partnership between the two dioceses.  It is the number one way that we are in consistent relationship with the clergy and people of the Diocese of Northern Malawi.   The Centurion Partnership has become more than simply providing monthly financial support; it is truly an exchange of prayers, and relationship,

By committing to the Centurion Program, churches in the DFW, participate in the ministry of the DNM.  Because of the support provided to the clergy, they are able to focus on the task of spreading the gospel.

The Diocese of Northern Malawi continues to raise up new clergy and we continue to be in need of churches willing to support the Partnership through a commitment to the Centurion Partnership.




This video provides a glimpse into the life of the clergy in the Diocese of Northern Malawi.




Led by their Bishop, our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi have committed themselves to a goal of financial independence. In this video produced by our World Mission Committee, you can see how they are using what God has placed in their hands to grow toward a brighter future.





View this message of Praise and Thanksgiving from the clergy of the Diocese of Northern Malawi


A Mission Organization of the Diocese of Fort Worth

Bishop Ryan Reed

World Mission Committee

Diocese of Fort Worth

We are committed to our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Our Companion diocese has a desperate need of our support for basic essentials to sustain life during their trials of conflict, poverty, food shortages, and day-to-day ministry work. The Fort Worth Diocese has an established process and accounts setup to accept financial gifts. Financial donations are specified for deposit in the Malawi General Fund is used by Bishop Magangani for directed and general purposes.

Checks should be made payable to the "Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth" and sent to the Diocesan office at 2900 Alemeda, Ft. Worth, TX 76108. Be sure to designate the mission ministry in the memo section of the check. Your gift is tax deductible.

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Is Your Church a Centurion Partner?


Participating in the Centurion Partnership is a wonderful way for your church to enter into mission partnership or enhance your current mission program.  To learn more, email Kristi Heffron at heffrontx@hotmail.com


10 Things to do and know about the Centurion Partnership